Yogadrishti (Yogavision) Satsang Series

Satsang means to be in the company of truth, in the company of good people. A discourse or discussion is not called satsang. Satsang is an inspiration which you receive and maintain within. When you encounter a sage, and he looks at you with his benevolent, peaceful and compassionate eyes, that look is also satsang. With that look, something changes in your mind, something changes within you; you identify with a positive quality. A happy look and a happy smile can create a positive feeling more than a frowning look and face. Even that is satsang. Sharing of your optimism and contentment with everybody, uplifting each one as you go through the day, is satsang.

Satsang is sharing of happiness, wisdom, love and compassion. It is sharing the light and not spreading the darkness. A positive, appropriate communication, which can motivate and inspire a person to be more active, optimistic and positive, is called satsang. Whether it is a sentence, a lecture, an answer to a question, a simple glance or simply being in the presence of an enlightened master, satsang transforms the inner nature. Satsang removes the depression of the heart and brings joy to one's emotions. It removes confusion of mind and gives a sense of hope in the place of hopelessness. Satsang allows one to express the better part of oneself.

Swami Niranjanananda Saraswati

2nd to 6th January – The History of the Bihar School of Yoga

Ashram Life Yoga Satsang week (ALYS) held at Ganga Darshan included the Yogadrishti Satsang Series. APMB classes were held in the morning, and yoga nidra and meditation classes in the afternoon. The Yogadrishti Satsang Series, the first of 2013, began the third year of the series, and was held at the amphitheatre in the redeveloped teak garden. Swami Niranjanananda spoke on two subjects: the history of the Bihar School of Yoga and on aspects of tantra in question and answer sessions. Morning satsangs began with the chanting of stotras and mantras, performance of havan and singing of kirtans, led by sannyasa trainees. It also included talks by visiting acharyas and senior sannyasins. Hundreds of people from around the world and India came to receive fresh inspiration and teachings within a yogic environment.

5th to 8th March – Spirituality

Swami Niranjan's satsang series was held at Shivalaya temple, Munger. Swamiji answered the question "What is spiritual life?"

Swamis, sannyasa trainees and BYMM children chanted mantras and stotras and sang kirtan. Daily havan was performed by BYMM children.

3rd to 6th May – Yoga: From Philosophy to Realization

Swami Niranjanananda's satsang series was held at Ganga Darshan. He spoke on the four departments of yoga taught at Bihar Yoga Bharati: Yoga Philosophy, Yoga Psychology, Applied Yoga and Yoga Lifestyle or Yoga Ecology.

Swamiji explained that the aim of life was the journey of the jivatma to the paramatma, the individual consciousness to the cosmic consciousness, and this is also the journey of yoga. Yoga is the process to remove the layers of maya, which do not allow the individual consciousness to expand. The practices of yamas and niyamas, pratyahara and pratipaksha bhavana are practical yogic tools for everyone to use.

The correct application of yoga in life becomes yoga ecology, respecting the laws of nature and God. He expanded on the concept of yoga ecology to include awareness of one's need and not one's greed. Then there is a natural movement away from being a consumer to a protectionist, or from a bhogi to a yogi.