A Dream Come True

Tejal Mor, Mumbai

Anshuman, now fifteen years old, walked the seven kilometers of the Marathon Dream Run, a yearly event in Mumbai. He cannot run or jog as his muscles are still weak from two years of leukemia treatment.

I walked a little behind him, keeping an eager eye on his movements so that I would not lose sight of him amongst thousands of others. I thought he might require assistance at any moment. However, it was important to let him be on his own and gain confidence. He needed to start feeling normal again.

A few steps behind him, in the midst of thousands of people cheering, I could not help looking up to the sky and let my tears flow with a heart full of gratitude and surrender to God and guru for making me see this day.

A few months ago, Anshuman was in a wheelchair. Throughout his suffering, months in hospital, high fevers, chemo and radiation therapy, weight loss and pain, followed by a relapse and a stem cell transplant, he held on to a dream that one day he would walk the Dream Run of the Mumbai Marathon.

As per the guidance of our guru, the Mahamrityunjaya and Gayatri mantras have become the foundation of each day for the whole family. The blessed prayer beads remain with Anshuman at all times protecting him and blessing him. A thought was enough to make us feel guru's presence and help to come out of a difficult situation. For that we bow in complete surrender and gratitude.

There is a realization that everything is so much beyond our small human mind. Life has taken a different meaning. There is an awareness that every breath is a gift of God and the only purpose is to fill it with complete love and devotion to Him. That is possible by opening our hearts to one and all. I wish to devote myself completely with love and compassion to the service of humanity, and therefore to God. I pray to be guided in this endeavour.