The Inner Voice

Swami Niranjanananda Saraswati

How can one know if decisions are coming from the place of wisdom or from another place?

This question is like a ten year old child asking, "How will I know when I am able to split the atom?" It is an irrelevant question. First one studies, cultivates intellectual maturity, learns the subject and then one will know naturally the process of splitting the atom.

Similarly, how does one discover what the mind or what the inner voice is saying? If one is trying to figure it out, there will be confusion about the messages until and unless one has bypassed the mind.

The room of noise

We are living in a room in which there is a lot of noise: music playing on one side, movie playing on the other side, pleasant sensory stimulation happening on the third side. We are surrounded by the spectrums of sound and movement in the room. We will not be able to identify a sound which is coming from outside for it could very well be part of our inside noises. In order to hear the outside noise, we have to still and silence the inside sounds by stopping every activity.

Once we have become silent we will be able to hear the sounds from outside. If we can attain this silence in the mind, we can hear the voice from the spirit. If we have not been able to attain the silence of the mind, we should not even think about hearing sounds. It will never happen and we will be leading ourselves only into greater and much deeper confusion. Therefore, our sadhana should be to try to calm the noises of the mind, not trying to decide how to know the difference and the reality between the inner voice and our mental voice.

Silence first

At present we are not equipped to know. We must first move into the space of silence. In the absolute stillness of the spirit we will hear the mandate. This only happens to a few, for the majority still continues to identify with the cacophony of the mind, emotions and intellect. Only when we have cut our associations with the world around us and there is no distraction, no outer stimulus going inside, we can hear and know that what we have heard is real, the truth and nothing but the truth. There is no more confusion in that.

The effort should be to silence ourselves and not direct the microphone to some unknown region with the hope that it will pick up some space talk of the ET's. Many people have been trying for ages and still they haven't heard anything.

22 April 2008, Mangrove Mountain, Australia