1989 – Silver Jubilee

Swami Niranjanananda Saraswati

On the occasion of the Silver Jubilee of BSY, this year Guru Poornima has a special importance. We are celebrating this poornima as Shishya Poornima. It is the time when the shishyas, disciples, must open to the spark of awareness which leads them to the guru’s flame inside.

Receiving diksha, initiation, is just the first stage of spiritual life. Afterwards the inner link between the guru and disciple must be strengthened and tempered. As our knowledge and understanding grow, we must prepare ourselves to become the vessels and transmitters of the light. Otherwise, how can the guru’s blessings and grace reach the multitudes of unenlightened people?

Spiritual life must be progressive, not static. Neither a man nor a disciple can progress without being thrown into the deep end and forced to swim under the watchful eyes of the trainer. If guru would allow us to cling and depend upon him lifelong, as so many have done, we would remain spiritual dwarfs.

We have to begin to grow in our own right and the opportunity has been provided to us by Poojya Swamiji in order to assess our strength and limitations, realizing that his guiding spirit is beside us at all times.

This Shishya Poornima is a time when we recommit ourselves to the discovery of the guru within and gain strength to apply his teachings and not just listen to them. As we move from one stage of life into another, the presence and the concept of guru grows within us.

printed in Sivananda Math, Issue 4, 1989