I have no stereotyped, printed lessons in yoga for coaching students. I usually send some of my books suitable to the taste of the students. I give them lessons through correspondence. The lessons are well graded. Thousands of students have made wonderful progress through this personal attention. For advanced courses they come to stay in the ashram.

Swami Sivananda Saraswati

On the eve of my entering into the holy order of Paramahamsa on the auspicious day of Basant Panchami, 19th January 1964, I thank all my disciples, devotees and admirers for the kind help and cooperation accorded to me during my parivrajaka life, enabling me in the propagation of spiritual and yogic knowledge from door to door and place to place all over India. Henceforth I shall not be able to move about, but will be ever prepared to help all those who seek my advice and guidance through correspondence or personal instructions at Bihar School of Yoga, which is going to be started in Munger.
This school will impart fifteen-day training in all branches of yoga under my personal guidance as its chief acharya. All of you are requested to join this school, which is the only school of its kind in the country and abroad, imparting practical yogic knowledge.

Swami Satyananda Saraswati

Yogic Studies Course

This special four-month course provides basic training in the practical and theoretical aspects of yoga and ashram life based on the ancient gurukul system.

Yogic Studies Course – Hindi

On 20th May, the Convocation Ceremony for the four-month Hindi course was held in Jyoti Mandir. The course had started on 6th February. The course director was Swami Gyanbhikshu, and practical classes were given by Sn Srimurti. Swamis Suryaprakash, Gyanbhikshu, Nirmalananda and Taponidhi gave the theoretical lessons.

The course was successfully completed by 39 participants, representing the states of Bihar, Jharkhand, Delhi, Karnataka, Kerala, Maharashtra, Orissa and Uttar Pradesh.

Yogic Studies Course – English

On 1st October, the four-months Yogic Studies course commenced with 69 participants from the following twenty-three countries: Armenia, Austria, Australia, Bhutan, Czech Republic, China, Cyprus, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Ireland, Lebanon, Nepal, New Zealand, Nepal, Norway, Poland, Singapore, South Korea, Spain, Switzerland, The Netherlands, UK and Ukraine.

The following fifteen states of India were represented: Andhra Pradesh, Assam, Bihar, Chhattisgarh, Hariyana, Jharkhand, Karnataka, Kerala, Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, Orissa, Pondicherry, Rajasthan, Sikkim and Tamil Nadu.

Health Management

I was eager to acquire and share with all any knowledge about the prevention of disease, promotion of health and healing of diseases. People are sick physically and mentally. To some life is a lingering death; and to some death is more welcome than life. Some lead a miserable life, unable to face death, some invite death and commit suicide unable to face life. Yoga is an exact science which aims at the harmonious development of the body, mind and soul. Yoga bestows perfection, peace and eternal bliss.

Swami Sivananda Saraswati

From 3rd to 20th March, a Health Management course was held at Ganga Darshan. Twelve participants attended the course which was conducted by Swami Atmabhishek. He was assisted by Rajesh and Arvind, members of the Yuva Yoga Mitra Mandal. Swami Niranjanananda and Swami Shankarananda gave satsang to the group.

Yoga Teacher Training Course

An Ideal Teacher

I am ever a thirsty student
I am not a teacher
But God has made me a teacher
The students have made me a teacher
I make my students soon as teachers.

Swami Sivananda Saraswati

From 5th to 25th June, a Hindi Teachers Training course was held for 24 students from Lucknow. Swami Yogakanti conducted the course, assisted by Swami Shyama. Demonstrators were Satyakripa (Nishant) and Poornanand (Piyush) from YYMM. The group enjoyed satsangs by Swamis Suryaprakash, Shankarananda, Gyanbhikshu and Soumyashakti. Swami Niranjanananda invited all to a satsang in the rain.

Yogic Science and Lifestyle Course

On 24th August, 18 participants successfully completed the three-month Yogic Lifestyle and Sadhana course. They represented the states of Bihar, Chhattisgarh, Jharkhand, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, U.P. and New Delhi. Course director was Swami Taponidhi. Swami Soumyashakti gave daily classes on APMB and yoga nidra. The theoretical lectures on the various topics of the science of yoga were delivered by Swamis Gyanbhikshu, Nirmalananda and Taponidhi.

Ajapa Dharana Course

From 15th to 21st October, Swami Karmakaruna from New Zealand conducted a course on Ajapa Dharana for 39 participants from: Australia, Canada, Germany, India, Lebanon, New Zealand, The Netherlands, UK and USA.

Swami Mitrananda and a group of 12 yoga practitioners from The Netherlands joined the course.

Ashram Life

If you try to view everything as atman, spirit, you must express it in all your actions. It is no good having your head in the clouds while you keep your palms clenched in your pockets. It does not matter if they derive any extraordinary spiritual gain or not, but people staying in the ashram for some time must at least enjoy real peace. Later, whenever they remember the love and the kindness they received they will also be reminded of the peace of the Ganges, the kirtans and other spiritual ideas associated with the place. Serve the guests, with bhava, feeling. Ashrams must serve as examples of selfless service and disinterested love.

Swami Sivananda Saraswati

The ashram is a place where people come from every walk of life and live for some time without having any involvement or attachment. There is no caste, colour or sex barrier. In the olden days, kings and ordinary farmers lived together in the ashram. Ashram life is designed in such a way that everybody automatically participates in all its functions and there is cooperation, coordination and harmony.
There is a pattern of life in the ashram which is completely different to the pattern of life in the environment of one's home. Ashrams have to be different. They have to create opportunities and facilities for the aspirants to live more simply and to work harder, not softer, than they have experienced before.

Swami Satyananda Saraswati

Children's Course

Education must be based on a sound philosophy of life. If there is no right understanding of the ultimate aim of human life, if there is no clear idea of what man is meant to become through the process of life, no scheme of education will be satisfying and beneficial.

Swami Sivananda Saraswati

In my ashram I live with children. I do not live with elderly people for they are often too serious, too particular, too tense. I do not want such tension; I want to laugh.

Swami Satyananda Saraswati

From 30th April to 3rd May, a group of 8 adults and 15 children from Raipur, Chhattisgarh, visited the ashram. Sannyasis Chandramani and Sadhanamala brought the group to experience ashram life. The children presented a beautiful dance performance to the delight of all present.

From 13th May to 16th June, a group of 7 boys aged 13 to 17 from Sivananda Balakashram, Bhuj, were staying in the ashram. They were accompanied by sannyasis Mrityunjaya and Premmani, as well as Gopal, the all-round caretaker of the ashram. The boys had morning class and joined in all ashram activities with great joy and enthusiasm.

From 1st to 8th June, a group of 7 girls and 13 boys from the Rajesh Institute in Dharhara, Munger, visited the ashram. They were accompanied by the school's principal, Rajesh Kumar, and their teacher, Vandana Singh. The children, aged 7 to 15, participated in the ashram activities. They had morning class and yoga nidra, seva in the garden, mala making, kitchen and publications department. A group of BYMM guided the class of kirtan and bhajan chanting, yogic games and dance lessons. The children enjoyed their visit so much that they extended their stay an additional 4 days.

General Course

On 14th April, a group of 60 school teachers from Notre Dame, Jamalpur, visited the ashram. After a warm welcome by Swami Suryaprakash, the teachers were taken on a tour of the ashram. Then they attended a yoga class and after lunch a yoga nidra session. Rishi Arundhati spoke about yoga and education and the purpose and mechanism of yoga nidra for school children. Swami Suryaprakash spoke on the need for teachers to be relaxed, happy and motivated if they want the same of their students.

From 9th to 12th May, a group of 11 adults and 13 children aged 8 to 14 from Akola, Maharashtra, visited the ashram. They joined in all the activities, including seva in the mornings and yoga classes conducted by BYMM children in the afternoons. On the final night, they impressed all present with their asana display. Some of the children were silver and gold medallists in national asana competitions.

On 16th May, a group of 96 students and 13 teachers from the Madhya Vidhyalaya Kolgama School in Bhagalpur visited the ashram for the day. They attended the Ekadashi program, the chanting of the Bhagavad Gita. Swami Gyanbhikshu gave satsang and answered their questions.

From 2nd to 8th October, a group of 10 teenagers from Muzzafarpur visited the ashram. Rahul of the Yuva Yoga Mitra Mandal conducted the asana, yoga nidra and chanting classes; he was assisted by Arvind and Nishant.

From 15th to 20th October, sannyasi Mangaldharma brought a group of 23 yoga practitioners from Romania to Ganga Darshan to attend the Yogadrishti Satsang Series. Swami Yogakanti conducted their classes to the theme ‘Adjust Adapt Accommodate'.

From 16th to 20th October, Barahsher Middle School, Saharasa, Bihar, sent 35 students to experience ashram life.

From 29th to 31st October, B.N. Singh and a group of 27 devotees from Bhilai came for ashram life.

Gurukul Lifestyle Course

On 1st August, the six-month Gurukul Lifestyle Course started with participants from Argentina, Bulgaria, France, Greece and Ireland.