Training of Students through the Post

From the Autobiography of Swami Sivananda

I have no stereotyped, printed lessons on yoga for coaching students by post. I usually send some of my books suitable to the taste of the students. I give them lessons through correspondence. The lessons are well graded. They write to me about their daily routine, welfare and progress. They maintain the spiritual diary and follow my ‘Twenty Important Spiritual Instructions.’

I help them with advice and remove their troubles and obstacles. I send my thought-currents of peace. Thousands of students in all countries have made wonderful progress through this personal attention. For the advanced courses they come to the ashram and stay with me for some weeks or months and receive initiation. They all like this kind of individual attention.

I do not take any fees from anyone for the training given in yoga, and do not demand any money for their maintenance at the ashram. Invariably, all students who come to me pay me liberally or take pleasure in voluntarily contributing to the progress of the institution and helping the society in its dissemination of knowledge. Through such acts, they obtain chitta shuddhi, mental purity, and spiritual progress.

I emphasize to all, the moral and ethical ideals. I exhort others to emulate – in short, I show the way to lead the divine life.