Makers of the Nation

From the teachings of Swami Sivananda Saraswati

O Devis! The destiny of the world is entirely in your hands. You are holding the master-key of the world. Train your children in the spiritual path. Sow the spiritual seed when they are young. O Devis of the world, strive for the higher life, the grand, sublime, the only real life. Don’t be satisfied with the petty material necessities of life on earth.

Remember what Maitreyi said to her husband, Yajnavalkya, when he offered her his riches, “What shall I do with the wealth of this world if thereby I would not become immortal?”

To chain themselves with the bondage of samsara is not the birthright of the women of the world. To get stuck in family, children and relatives is not the ideal of courageous and discriminative women.

Symbol of God

Every mother of the world should realize her responsibility to awaken herself, her children, her family and her husband, to the true light, and splendour of spiritual life.

In the Markandeya Purana it is said that Madalasa, wife of king Traterdan of the lunar dynasty, was a realized soul. And what a glorious mother she was. When her little son cried, she simply sang to him:

Shuddhosi, buddhosi, niranjanosi, samsara maya parivarjitosi.

You are pure, you are consciousness, you are taintless, you are devoid of the maya of samsara.

Such was the advaitic instruction which Madalasa gave to her children when she rocked them in the cradle. How many mothers today have got the fortune to teach their children such profound knowledge? She did not ask her children to study up to the post-graduate examination, and then seek for some employment. But she made all her children sages.

Present-day mothers would try to crush the spiritual tendency of their children even if it is found in them in a microscopic state. What a sad and pitiable condition. Wake up, O mothers, and recognize your responsibility. Spiritualise yourselves, your children, and your husbands, for you are the makers of the family.

You are the makers of the nations and are the builders of the world. Do not be cowardly. Come out of your homes – the homes of delusion and vanity. Be real sannyasinis and bring glory and greatness to the world, for that is real boldness and courage, real wisdom and understanding.

A woman is not a woman if she is devoid of the spiritual fire in her, if she is ignorant of a higher life. A woman’s duty is not merely family. Her duty is also to transcend the family. Her duty does not lie in bangles, jackets, powders and scents. Her duty does not lie in getting employment for her children. Her duty is also concerned with the Self, the Atman, the Brahman. Such a woman is a real symbol of God. She is to be adored, she is to be worshipped.