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Managing Insecurity

Swami Satyananda Saraswati

Insecurity is a part of everyone’s existence, and every person lives with it. Food, sleep, insecurity and sex instincts are natural instincts. In order to overcome the effects of insecurity, one has to discover a mathematical philosophy.

By mathematical philosophy, I mean a philosophy which is absolutely logical and scientific, because sometimes a philosophy is more of a person’s faith and belief. However, sometimes a philosophy is born out of one’s logical understanding.

Why should you feel insecure? You are always in danger. Even before you were born, you were in danger. This little earth is evolving all the time. If a big, heavenly body or comet comes close to this earth, you are finished. Maybe a volcano will erupt next to your village, and you will be burnt.

There is a higher nature which has certain laws that control the mobile, immobile, sentient and insentient creatures. We are all a part of that chain of law. Therefore, our fears, phobias and insecurities are neither true nor real.

Cause of insecurity

People in the modern world are suffering from insecurity on account of a broken family system. Other reasons for insecurity are the physiological balances of the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems, and endocrinal imbalances.

However, there are two major causes of insecurity. The first cause is to believe that one dies with death. If one can discover the immortality of consciousness, not the immortality of the body, insecurity will be cured by fifty percent, because every individual lives on hope.

If you die tomorrow, in thirteen days, you will be born again and able to enjoy again. It is as simple as that. You have a house and you live in it. The owner of the house asks you to move out, but in your country, there is a shortage of houses. Of course, you will feel insecure. Where will I live? Will I be on the road? All the houses are booked. This is the cause of insecurity.

You have to realize that life is eternal, just as everything in this universe is eternal. Life is eternal. Matter is eternal. Energy is eternal. One sun dies, another sun is born. That is all. One solar system is destroyed, another solar system is born. There is only destruction of the external form. The soul of the form never dies. You must remember: the soul of the object, the soul of the matter never dies. It is eternal.

I and My Father are one

The second and most important cause of insecurity is the lack of understanding that the reality is in you. God is immanent and transcendent. Transcendent means beyond body, beyond mind, beyond ego, beyond time, beyond space, beyond everything. However, if you think that God is only transcendental, then you have a problem. God is also immanent. He is in each and every speck of creation. He is in water. He is in earth. He is in the sky. He is in the trees and flowers. He is in me. He is in the baby. He is in a sinner. He is in a saint. He is in the temple and in the pub. There is no place where He is not.

Just like air, He permeates each and everything in this world. In order to overcome fears, phobias and insecurity, you have to discover who you are. If you are a bundle of bones, flesh, intestines, and nerves, there is reason for insecurity, but if you are that transcendental essence, then why fear? “I and my Father are One,” this is what Christ said in the Bible. It means ‘I’ and ‘You’ are One.

The immanent and transcendental reality are not two realities, they are one reality. This is the source of fearlessness. When you have a piece of gold you give it to a jeweller, to make a bangle. He gives you back the bangle. He does not give you the gold. Are you going to cry, ‘I have lost my gold,’ and fight with the goldsmith. He will say, ‘You idiot, the bracelet is gold!’

When I look in and in and in, I find the light here, and when I open my eyes, I can see the light there, and again I close my eyes, I can the see the light inside. Are these two lights? No. The transcendental reality and immanent reality both must be understood.

Therefore, in order to overcome fears and insecurities, you must discover these two philosophies.

29 May 1984, Venice, Italy