Healing Through Prayers

From the Autobiography of Swami Sivananda Saraswati

All over the world, doctors experiment on the poor patients with so many medicines. How to expect a permanent and lasting cure when the doctors work with the selfish motive of earning more and more wealth?

In the ayurvedic system experts prepare genuine drugs from Himalayan plants, seeds and roots. They study the pulse of the patients and diagnose the case properly and prescribe effective medicines for bringing a permanent cure in the patients. The patients should also follow natural methods to a great extent and select suitable food-stuffs and follow the instructions of the expert doctors.

In this ashram I combine all the methods in the Sivananda General Hospital. There are expert doctors in all systems of medicine. In addition to this, I have great faith in the power of mantra and the grace of the Lord. Through special prayers conducted in the Lord Vishwanath Mandir, I have seen miraculous cures of hopeless cases even in distant places. I have tremendous faith in healing through prayers – healing of diseases by chanting of mantras and prayers. The results are wonderful. The Lord’s name is so effective. I call this NAMAPATHY.