Surrender to God

Swami Satyananda Saraswati

Dharma is practical life. It is the interaction between an individual and society, between husband and wife or the interaction amongst friends and enemies.

Manage the gunas and the heart

When a human being is supposed to have all the three gunas in him, then how does he adjust them in his practical life? How does he dispose of them? When you cut vegetables, skin and peels are the waste. When dust enters your house, you have to wash clothes and clean the rooms. As you manage your house, similarly you have to manage the three gunas which are in you. All the three gunas are inside your house as objects of pleasure and dirty objects. How do you manage them?

You have to manage the heart. Once you have learnt to manage the heart, it will be purified and you will find that the reins of your life and destiny will be in God’s hands.

God’s gunas

The stage has to come when you entrust complete control of your destiny to Him. It is up to Him to take you to a slaughter house or to a temple. If you completely surrender to God, there is nothing which is impossible in life; but don’t put conditions. Remember that He is all knowing, He controls your mind, your limbs, your life and death. You must realize that He has given pain, happiness, wealth, poverty, disease and sorrow.

God also has three gunas: He is omnipotent, omniscient and omnipresent. What suggestion can you give to God? He is present everywhere, knows everything and can do anything. He will suggest that you become a good sannyasin, a good wife or husband, or a good worker.

The secret

The art of surrender is a virtue by itself. It must be complete. It must be one hundred per cent because half-hearted surrender is not surrender. God creates every event with a great purpose behind it. The wise don’t oppose it for they know His mission.

God gives you the necessary inspiration and provides you with suitable opportunities to render the divine work successful. Simply resign to His will. This is the way and the secret.