Yoga: The Culture of Tomorrow

Talk at the Fourth International Yoga Convention, Gondia, November, 1967

Who founded yoga and when is difficult to say, but it is surely a prehistoric science that is, at the same time, modern too. I had sent a chief disciple of mine for the propagation and teaching of yoga outside India, and she reported that in Europe and America, there was not a single place where yoga was not accepted. There were already many yoga centres where yoga is practised and propagated.

Different books on yoga have been translated and published in almost all the languages of the world. The importance and application of yoga is increasing so intensely and so rapidly in the present age of science and the atomic era, that I have to repeat again that yoga will be the culture of tomorrow.

For the worldwide propagation of yoga, the hearty cooperation of every individual is most essential. The times are changing very fast and yoga will be accepted as one of the essential necessities of life, for yoga is the culture of tomorrow.

YOGA, Vol. VI, No. 4, 1968