A Remarkable Union

Swami Nirmalratna Saraswati

It is 9th August 2011, the day of Ekadashi and Radha-Krishna Jhoolan. Tonight I witnessed an unusual phenomenon.

On the two previous evenings, at the time of pooja in the sacred gardens of the Akhara, it had been raining and the deepaks one in front of each of the murtis of the seven deities, Ganesha, Shiva, Shakti, Rama, Durga, Chandi and Radha-Krishna, could not be lit. However, today at sunset, all the deepaks were easy to light despite the steady rain, and seven burned brightly quite late into the night.

Tonight my mind was charmed to see those tiny golden deepak flames dancing in the rain drops. I had often heard my guru, Swami Satyananda, say, "In spiritual life, unlearn everything based on empirical knowledge. The spiritual experience is beyond intellect. It does not follow the logical and rational codes of worldly behaviour." Now, Sri Swamiji's wisdom, his presence in the void as I watched the play of fire with water, surely sweetened my smile.

Each murti in the garden had been consecrated by the blessings of the heavenly showers, worshipped with sacred mantras of the evening pooja, and then illuminated by the radiance of the tiny rain-dropped-flames. Those flames were a curious mixture of the elements. The fire element symbolizes the catalyst for change, growth and evolution, while the water element is pregnant with matter about to be created. Those flames were a remarkable union of fire and water.

An exquisite aura bathed the scene as the first night of the Radha-Krishna Jhoolan unfolded. Seven divine guests, Ganesha, Shiva, Shakti, Rama, Durga, Chandi and Radha-Krishna, proclaimed their presence in the Akhara, the holy shrine of an enlightened master, who lives secluded in sadhana deep within. They are the auspicious audience distinguished by the intriguing glow of their mysterious deepak flames.

Each guest in itself is a tribute of sublime excellence. Ganesha - remover of obstacles and god of fertility; Shiva - cosmic consciousness, destroyer of ego and duality; Shakti - eternal and supreme power of consciousness; Rama - perfected virtues; Durga - higher state of human evolution; Chandi - invincible goddess against demonic forces; and Radha-Krishna, divine incarnations of purest love and friendship, representing divine union in samadhi.

A remarkable union for Radha-Krishna Jhoolan, my guruji's delight! They've come to celebrate a transcendental birth. We welcome them with open hearts, rejoicing in the purpose of their play. The will of God unfolds before us, despite our rational codes, and we stand in awe of how it manifests.