It has been over one year since Sri Swami Satyananda took samadhi - but who says he is not here? In fact, since attaining Maha Samadhi, Swami Satyananda's spiritual powers have magnified and his presence is felt at Rikhiapeeth stronger than ever! Whenever you need to feel his presence just think of him with love, and he will be there to remove your difficulties and shower his grace and blessings on you! Open your hearts and you too will experience his eternal blessings today and every day.

You are welcome to Rikhiapeeth to witness and partake in the activities of Sivananda Math and to be an integral part of the fulfilment of the sankalpa of Swami Satyananda to uplift the most neglected within our society.

We at Rikhiapeeth wish all disciples, devotees, well wishers, admirers and friends of Sri Swamiji a very auspicious New Year. Jaya Gurudev!