Flag of Yoga

Jacques de Coulon, Switzerland, author and co-founder of Research on Yoga in Education – RYE

I met Swami Satyananda in 1978 and was instantly struck by the force of his personality; a great influence and a radiance that enlightened me deeply. He was able to make everybody aware of their ‘law of life’, their swadharma, so that each one was able to give their best. We discovered this particular swadharma through the name he gave us. Mine was Jai Mini, the conqueror of matter. Often I think of that name and try to exemplify and practise it.

Swami Satyananda encouraged us to introduce yoga in education. He believed that yoga was a powerful instrument to awaken young people and to help them grow.

Swami Satyananda was a leading light for our time. He paved the way for the twenty-first century and with incomparable power he brought forth yoga as an authentic science: the science of consciousness. He described the protocols of this knowledge with great precision. In this sense he globalized yoga as evidenced by all the academies he founded on five continents. In short, Swami Satyananda was both a great scientist and an authentic spiritual master.