Just Light One Little Candle

Swami Vivekamurti Saraswati, Bulgaria

Paramahamsa Satyananda was a savior. Many people talk about the problems of the world and modern civilization. Some others propose ideas on how we can bring about changes. But Sri Swamiji showed us the way: help the people around you, give them what they need the most and show them how to live in a better way so they can help themselves. The most important thing: start with the children, they are the future and hope of the world.

He was a living example, and the work he did in Rikhia is living proof of success. One of his ‘neighbours’ told me that most people in power do everything possible to take more and more for themselves, and only one person gives, Sri Swamiji. “The others just follow the ‘normal’ course of life and have brought us to the state we are in. But when one like Sri Swamiji appears, things begin to change and take a positive turn.”

One can say, “Well, people like him can do it, but we cannot.” Yes, we can. Swamiji gave us the example of what to do and how to do it. If we try and be an instrument for his work and his mission we will make Sri Swamiji very happy. In the darkness of the world the flame he lit in Rikhia shines brightly. And when we light our small candles in our homes the way he showed us (and there are thousands of us!), the world will become a . . . what will it become? Just try to follow his example and you will see! You will like it!