Rama Smarana

With or without knowledge, correctly or incorrectly, when the word ‘Rama’ is pronounced, it showers a rain of good upon the devotee. Rama is Brahman. Rama is the Self within. Rama-nama, chanting of Rama’s name, burns ignorance and passion.

I call the mantra Om Shri Ramaya Namah the anti-gossip tonic. When you find that you are wasting your time in gossip, repeat it several times. You can make up for the time lost, and the mind will be slowly weaned away from the habit of gossiping. Lord Shiva tells His consort Parvati: “This Rama-nama is equal to the Lord’s thousand names, or repetition of a mantra a thousand times.”

The utterance of Rama-nama is a wish-fulfilling tree. It will bestow upon you whatever you want. Lord Shiva further says: “The seat of all good things, the destroyer of all impurities of this age of darkness, purer than purity itself, the food for the journey of aspirants on the path to salvation, their only resting place, the very life-breath of virtuous men, is the divine name of Shri Rama. So say the sages.”

The name of Lord Rama is the greatest purifier of the heart. It wipes away all one’s sins. Not only this, but it wipes away the sinful tendencies as well. Rama’s name is sweeter than the sweetest of objects. It is a haven of peace. It is the very life of pure souls. It is the purifier of all purifying agencies. It quenches the consuming fire of worldly desires. It awakens the knowledge of God. It bathes the aspirant in the ocean of divine bliss. Through Rama smarana, remembrance at all times, all attachments due to egoism will disappear. The surrendered devotee of Shri Rama knows no fear. He is full of self-bliss.

Rama loves his lover, and thus the devotee is initiated into Rama-nama by Rama himself. Pingala was a ganika, prostitute. She obtained a parrot as a present from a thief. The parrot was trained to utter the words, ‘Shri Rama, Shri Rama’. Pingala knew nothing of Rama-nama. She heard the sound ‘Rama, Rama’ from the mouth of the parrot. It was very melodious and charming, and Pingala was much attracted to it. She fixed her mind on the Rama-nama uttered by the parrot and mysteriously entered into bhava samadhi, union with Rama.

Recite his name, sing his glory and serve at his lotus feet. Enthrone in your heart Lord Rama of dark hue, whose image is reflected in the heart of Lord Shiva. Blessed is the pious soul who uninterruptedly drinks the nectar of Shri Rama’s name, which has been churned out of the ocean of the Vedas, which removes the impurities of the Kali Yuga, which lives constantly on the lips of Lord Shiva, which is a sovereign remedy for diseases of worldly existence and which is the life of Mother Sita.