10 Steps to Tame the Mind

  1. The mind can be controlled by abhyasa, constant effort to fix the mind on God or atman, and vairagya, dispassion or non-attachment to sensual things.
  2. Sit alone and watch the vrittis of the mind. Be indifferent, non-attached. Remain as a sakshi, witness. Do not identify yourself with the vrittis. The mind will come under your control.
  3. Do not think of the past. Do not plan for the future. Do not allow the mind to build images. Live in the solid present.
  4. Do a thing that the mind does not want to do. Do not do a thing that the mind wants to do.
  5. Study of spiritual books, tapas (austerity), charity and satsang with the spiritually minded overhauls worldly samskaras and paves a long way in the control of mind.
  6. Japa of any mantra and upasana destroy the impurities of the mind, make the mind inward, induce vairagya, help concentration and eventually lead to control of mind and attainment of God-consciousness.
  7. It has been said, “Kalau Keshava kirtanat.” In this Kali Yuga, the easiest way for controlling the mind and attaining moksha is kirtan or singing the Lord’s name.
  8. Food influences the mind. Sattwic food (milk, fruits, etc.) calms the mind. Rajasic food (meat, alcohol, etc.) excites the mind. Take sattwic food. Practise mitahara (moderation in diet).
  9. Constant, selfless service with atmabhava, feeling of unity with all, is highly efficacious in purifying and controlling the mind.
  10. Do not wrestle or struggle with the mind. Be regular in your concentration and meditation.