Even after resolving to perform a sadhana we are not able to follow it through. Why?

You are not able to follow it through because you try to move too fast. Slow and steady wins the race. When you make a resolution, first try to see for how long you will be able to keep it. You should not be over-enthusiastic or over-emotional.

You must start with smaller resolves. Smaller anushthanas, courses of sadhana, must be attempted at the beginning. Try a two-day, nine-day, eleven-day and then a month-long sadhana. You have to strengthen your will power gradually, and then make a resolve for a longer or more difficult sadhana.

You also need divine help in your sadhana. You cannot accomplish an auspicious task without divine asistance even if you are helped by the king or possess immense wealth. Without God’s grace, you cannot achieve anything. I have performed many sadhanas in my life and have always been able to complete them. When I performed the panchagni sadhana God said, “I must help Swami Satyananda.” On what basis did He say this? I had already resolved that the fruit of my sadhana should not come to me. This was my first resolve. If you resolve that the produce of your farm should not come to you, that anyone who needs it should take it, you will have a very good harvest. However, that is a very difficult resolution to make. If you do not gather the produce, why should you plough the field! Why should you sow seeds? People work for themselves; no one works for others. I resolved that I do not want the fruit of my sadhana. All I want is to be able to perform it faultlessly for nine years and that no obstacles should come in its way.

So these are the things that have to be considered. Observing an anushthana is a very good thing, and every person should think about what I have said. A householder should also think about these things. Material attainment should not be the only aim of householder life. The aim of education should not be only getting a job and the aim of entering into a profession should not only be earning an income. You should be able to think of others. Let your prayer be: God, whatever you give, I will use it for my children as I must look after them, but more than that, I will use it for the well-being of others.