Yoga Shakti

The meaning of ‘yoga shakti’ is generation of an energy from within the mind to fulfil the purpose of the energy. That is yoga shakti. You awaken energy from within the mind to accomplish the work of that energy, whatever be its work. Many terms are used to describe yoga shakti, some call it vibhooti, some call it siddhi, or something else. It is not possible for everyone to possess yoga shakti. This age to which you belong is not the age of yogic power, it is the age of technological power. This has been stated in the spiritual literatures. In this age you will have to consider the computer as super power.

Today man’s mind has accumulated a lot of dirt. If he acquires the power of yoga, he will first burn his own house and then everyone else’s. Everyone has a bone of contention with everyone. Everyone is jealous of everyone; everyone wants to destroy someone else. So in this age, it is better to stay only with technological power, keep the power of yoga away. The age of yogic power is gone. Even the saints have to go by this law. In this age the saints who display psychic powers achieved through yoga are punished by nature. I am talking of saints, not of ordinary people.

God has made a constitution for every age. In this age, psychic powers have been banned because everyone’s mind is polluted. Every person gets negative thoughts. There is not a single person without negative thoughts. On the face of it, we may look nice. But if someone peeps into our mind, they will find negativity, wickedness, jealousy and hatred, nothing else. Non-violence is only spoken about, not experienced. Truth and celibacy are only verbal notions. We may talk of renunciation and non-attachment, but we cannot practise them. This is true of everyone. There may be a few saints and sages for whom this may not be true. It is not as if there aren’t any such people in the world, but they number very few. The shastras, scriptures, have placed an injunction on the saints and sages that until man is not ready to reform, until he is not ready to change himself, he will get limited help. They were talking of the power of yoga.

Yoga shakti in this age will remain with those who possess it and will go with them when they die. And it should also. Yes, there are some people in this world who live for worthy causes. There are such householders. Sages do bless them so they receive wellness, riches, a happy future, or are cured of diseases. This happens because to uplift dharma, the righteous, and destroy adharma, the unrighteous, God is born.

27 August, 2000