The Chocolate and the Socks

by Swami Ahimsadhara Saraswati

Once upon a time a pair of socks came to Ganga Darshan. Like so many who came they were seeking perfection. But unlike most other seekers they had no interest in the mind, or in God. They were socks after all. Their interest was in feet, and in seva. Their search was for a pair of feet that took every step with purpose. How they longed to find those perfect feet and walk with them. Nothing else would do.

Whilst on their travels the socks had made friends with a bar of chocolate. The chocolate was carefree; it had no interest in anything serious at all. It was proud.

“I am the best chocolate in the world!” it boasted. “My flavour is intense and deep, my texture is the smoothest you will find, I am creamy, rich and absolutely delectable. My milk comes from contented Tasmanian cows. My hazelnuts are crunchy and crisp. I am indeed perfect just as I am. I am indeed a delight!”

The chocolate was more than happy for the socks to do all the work. The socks didn’t mind. They were karma yogis. And so they travelled together, all across the world, the socks searching for the feet with perfect purpose, the chocolate just having a good time, going along for the ride.

Together they entered the Ganga Darshan gates. The socks had a feeling the journey was nearly done. Entering those gates brought a deep peace.

“Here is the most beautiful place on earth,” they said to the chocolate. But the chocolate wasn’t listening.

That afternoon they attended satsang. The socks gazed at Swamiji’s lotus feet and knew the journey was over. Here were the feet they had searched for. Feet that took every step with purpose. Feet that carried perfection with a steady stride. The socks humbly presented themselves, saying, “Let me walk with you, that is all.” The chocolate was there too, it had come along for the ride, not paying much attention to what was going on. Swamiji accepted them both for what they were.

The socks worked hard for many years, no other thought than easing the burden of those divine feet. The chocolate did not live long. Swamji shared it with those around him and popped the last piece into his mouth. Closing his eyes for a moment, he remembered carefree days gone by, as the chocolate dissolved into bliss and was gone. The journey of the friends was complete.

Soon forgetting the chocolate, and wearing the socks, Swamiji walked on.