A Real Guru

Swami Sivananda

Here are the characteristics of a real guru. If you find these qualities in anyone, accept him at once as your guru.

A real guru has full knowledge of the Self and the Vedas. He has equal vision and a balanced mind. He is free from attraction, repulsion, egoism, anger, lust, greed, attachment and pride. He is an ocean of mercy and an embodiment of love. He is absolutely fearless. He does not expect anything from anybody. He has an exemplary character.

Guru is Brahman. Guru is Ishwara. Guru is God. A word from him is a word from God. His tender smile radiates light, bliss, joy, knowledge and peace. He is in search of real aspirants. Living in his company is spiritual education. His mere presence is elevating, inspiring and stirring. His very company is a means of self-illumination. A real guru is a blessing to suffering humanity.

Salutations to the lotus feet of the guru. I fully believe in a real guru. I have great adoration for a guru. My heart longs to serve his lotus feet forever. I believe there is no purifier more powerful than service of a guru in removing the impurities of the mind. I fully believe that the only safe boat that can take us to the other shore of immortality is the constant company of a guru.