New Year Message

Swami Sivananda

Blessed aspirants—

Cultivate a generous heart, a giving hand, kindly speech, a life of service, equal vision and balance of mind.

Think what is good, speak what is good and do what is good.

Be mild and meek but firm in your ideal, be gentle but bold, be reserved but straightforward, be humble but courageous, be simple but dignified.

Do any kind of selfless service without ostentation or expecting a reward.

Do your duties without attachment. Work is worship; dedicate it to God.

Control anger and jealousy by practising serenity and patience.

Forgive and forget. Adapt and adjust.

Accommodate yourself to circumstances and individuals. But do not lose your bearing.

Curtail your wants. Reduce your possessions.

Avoid dependence on others as far as possible.

Cultivate the habit of simple living and contemplation on the truth.

May you all be blessed with health, happiness, prosperity and eternal bliss!