New Year Message

Swami Sivananda

The world is now passing through a great crisis due to the present wars. The rajasic evil forces of materialism are flying aloft in the sky, deluding the people with fears and anxieties and keeping them in the dark about the existence of the inner atmic treasure and Supreme Bliss within. People look upon religion with contempt. Ignorance prevails everywhere. There is a lack of faith in the vedic scriptures or there has been a misunderstanding of it in some quarters. People interpret religion to suit their taste and convenience. They pretend to know everything.


In fact, there is no spiritual growth in most people nowadays. There is no real education. There is no culture. There is no ethical training. When the lamp of knowledge -the lamp of devotion to God - is lit up then all these dark forces of rajas will fly away and there will be peace, harmony, good understanding and universal brotherhood. Sattwa will reign supreme and there will be happiness everywhere.


God is the only reality in this universe. God is truth. Truth is God. Truth is the basic law of life. Truth alone triumphs but not falsehood. Truth is within you. It dwells in the cave of your heart. A truthful person has a calm mind and is absolutely free from worries and anxieties.


Truth is higher than the Vedas, Upanishads, yajnas, etc. Truth is justice and fair play, humility and forgiveness, kindness and compassion, patience and self-restraint.


Realize God by speaking the truth and observing the truth in thought, word and deed. Let your thoughts agree with your words and your words agree with your actions. Meditate on truth. Study and derive inspiration from the lives of those who have sacrificed their all for the sake of truth. Watch your thoughts, words and actions carefully. Make a strong resolve in the morning: "I will speak the truth today." Keep a spiritual diary and note the number of untruths you tell daily. Resolve not to make the same mistake again. Gradually the number will be reduced and eventually you will speak nothing but the truth. You will become established in truth.


Whatever you do, be true to yourself and to the world. Do not hide your thoughts. Be sincere. Be straightforward. Be courageous in expressing your views. Truth has a lustre of its own. It shines for itself and sheds its light on others.


Penetrate more deeply into the kingdom of truth. Aspire to realize truth. Truth is life. Truth is knowledge. Truth is bliss. Truth is silence. Truth is peace. Truth is light. Truth is love. Truth is the eternal home of all beings. Live to know the truth. Live to realize the truth. May that truth guide you in all your actions.