High on Waves

Shantiroopa, Australia

A Philosophy of Living

I shall not let greed nor personal ambition
Grip my soul in their hungry hands.
Nor will I let my youth slip by without laughter and the joy of
living making my face bright and my will strong.
I will not be evil, nor will I speak evil of others.
I will not judge, for no man is worthy to judge his neighbours.


I will grasp the goodness and beauty of life and throw away the
bitterness and ugliness.
I will turn my face to the light yet remember the darkness that
lies behind and around me.
I will not blame others for my sorrows and defects, for man has
but himself to blame for failure.


Yet I will fail, and failing I will try again.
I will fall, and falling climb again.


I will be selfish, for ultimately I will gratify and bring happiness to
myself, giving it away in large measures to others.
No real happiness can come to he who hugs happiness to
Himself and doesn't share with his fellow man.


Sympathy, sorrow, joy and anger will be my lot and I thank God
I have the depth to feel these emotions.
I thank Him for the millions of things that are precious and everlasting.
I have found these in my own heart.