High on Waves

Swami Satyananda Saraswati

My guru has shown me the path.
He desired my body,
I gave it to him unflinchingly.
He asked me for my prana,
I offered it unhesitatingly.
He said, "Will you give me your mind too?"
I replied, "It is yours forever."
I was left with nothing,
Empty and desolate.
The dark blue sky, dotted with stars, and the moon,
That was all I had now.


Then all at once
The sun burst upon me with a song.
The restless ocean bathed me with its waves,
The thundering clouds burst upon me with rain,
The snow white swan danced before my soul.


My guru came to me once again.
He said, "Will you give me the samskaras
You have collected life after life?"
I looked into his deep brown eyes,
Into the dark and deep abyss of his being.
For what seemed aeons he stood before me.
Everything else began to dissolve before my eyes,
To melt and fade away.
There was unity within and without.
It is the grace of my guru,
He who has extinguished my being
And absorbed me into himself.
My guru has shown me the path.