High on Waves

Kalyani, UK

To gaze into infinity and the star studded night
And feel the sensual glow of the moon on my face
To hear the earth move and the trees softly whisper
And be stirred by the touch of a summer breeze


To be soothed by the waves of the deep blue sea
And be carried by the clouds gently drifting
To be bathed in the light of a crimson dawn
And healed by the scents of nature's harvest


To begin each new day like the morning dew,
pure and fresh
And flow with the seasons, naked and mysterious
To retreat to the magic of our childhood dreams
And dance with the rhythms of the unseen world


To be still like the calm when the storms have gone
And to be held in the ground, like the roots of a tree
To be touched by the love that I see all around
Is to know that this life can be truly divine.