High on Waves

Swami Sambuddhananda Saraswati

Moved to Peace

As the moon moves the tides
washing the seashore
over our precious planet,
here we are moved by calamity
moved by the desire for peace.
Let us be moved by any injustice –
large or small
to not only pray for peace
but to BE peaceful.


Through our own thoughts and actions
let them manifest peace.
Let us see the awakening in our neighbours –
near and far, black and white, creed and creedless.
And look deeply into our interior selves
and know our own divineness.


Let us feel connected to all
like a divine golden thread
weaving in and out of all peoples.
Threading us together
with the unique animals we often scorn,
the fragile flowers we pluck,
and our priceless trees, too often struck down.
Let us be one with the holy rivers
and sacred mountains
until the whole earth pulsates like one heart.
The heart of the Divine.