High on Waves

Swami Sivananda

The mightiest force in the world
is the power of peace.
Only love can unite the whole world
and bring about lasting peace, harmony
and goodwill among nations.
Love and peace, peace and unity,
must move hand in hand.


Life is short, time is fleeting,
obstacles are many.
Every day is a fresh beginning.
Forget your past mistakes and failures.
Past, present and future are all relative.


Make a firm resolve now to make
your future life more fruitful and useful.
Live well every day as if it is the last.
Every moment is like the turning of a new leaf
and every year the beginning of new hope.


Enter a new life of victory.
March on and on.
Exert. Purify.
Rest in your Centre.
Sing Om.
Meditate on Om.
Realize the Self.