High on Waves

Swami Sivananda

Devi or Maheshwari or Parashakti is the Supreme Shakti,
or power of the Supreme Being.
Devi is the creatrix of the universe.
She is the Universal Mother. Devi or Shakti is the Mother of Nature.
She is Nature itself.
The whole world is Her body.
The mountains are Her bones.
The rivers are Her veins.
The ocean is Her bladder.
The sun and moon are Her eyes.
The wind is Her breath.
Agni is Her mouth.
She is the primal force of life that underlies all existence.
Worship of Devi or the Universal Mother gives not only prosperity,
but liberation from all bondage.
It leads to the attainment of Knowledge of the Self.
May Parashakti or Devi - the Universal Mother Jagadamba -
bless you all with wisdom, peace and immortal bliss.