High on Waves

Swami Sivananda

The greatest need of the world today is the message of love.
Kindle the light of love in your own heart first.
Love all.
Include all creatures in the warm embrace of your love.


Nations can be united by pure love only.
Wars can be ended by pure love only.
Love is a mysterious divine glue that unites the hearts of all.
It is a magical healing balm of very high potency.
Charge every action with pure love.


Realize that you are neither body nor mind,
That you were never born nor will you ever die,
That you are invincible,
That nothing in this world can hurt you,
That you are the sun around whom the whole universe revolves.
All knowledge is treasured up within the chambers of your heart.
Procure the key and unlock the doors of knowledge.


Yoga is the key.
Yoga brings perfection, peace and everlasting happiness.