High on Waves

Swami Kriyamurti Saraswati, UK

In Rikhia

In Rikhia we forget everything
And become like little children
Playing in our Father's garden.


In Rikhia life is full of intensity,
There is fun and laughter, happiness and bliss;
Inexhaustible energy bubbles up within us.


In Rikhia we uncover a source
Of life and love, expanding from within,
Something we don't know, something we can't name,
But it is there.


In Rikhia there are bright lights and big crowds,
And then suddenly the outer show is no more.
The lights go out, the crowd is still,
A silence descends, dark and deep,
When we feel your all-pervading presence.


In Rikhia I bow my head and pray:
Keep me low,
Keep me covered in whitewash!
Let me always be nobody.


In Rikhia I tell my Swamiji:
Keep me close to you, my Father,
Closer than your eyes–


For I would fade away into your heart,
I would melt into your love,
So that Kriyamurti is no more,
And only a sparkle (which is you) remains.


We come to Rikhia hungry, thirsty and in bondage –
We leave with a song on our lips
And a smile in our hearts.