Swami Satyananda Saraswati

I am an invisible child of a thousand faces of love
That floats over the swirling sea of life,
Surrounded by the meadows of the winged shepherds,
Where stillness of divine love and beauty
Rain in the spring and bloom in the midnight
Summer's warmth of softness.


Often I pass to the place
Where there is no separation of the sun and moon,
But where eternal light spreads a carpet
Of sparkling reflections of itself
Within the hearts and eyes of all,
Even those who are blind to see.
Where sweetness has no taste,
For it is the essence of all beings,
And where tear drops water flowers of happiness
And pass into brooklets of experience
And then to the open sea.


Life often cuts at my body and mind,
And though blood may be seen passing,
And a cry might be heard,
Do not be deceived that sorrow could dwell within my being,
Or suffering within my soul.
There shall never be a storm
That can wash the path from my feet,
The direction from my heart, the light from my eyes,
Or the purpose from this life.


I know that I am untouchable to the forces
As long as I have a direction, an aim, a goal:
To serve, to love, and to give.
Strength lies in the magnification of the secret qualities
Of my own personality, my own character,
And though I am only a messenger, I am me.


Let me decorate many hearts
And paint a thousand faces with colours of inspiration
And soft, silent sounds of value.
Let me be like a child,
Run barefoot through the forest
Of laughing and crying people,
Giving flowers of imagination and wonder that God gives free.


Do I have time to ask whom I shall love,
From whom shall I ask for something more
Than all I have been given,
Or what is meant by the signs that pass before my windows.
I learned to read half a century ago but found it useful
Only for speaking to those who continue to live by books.
I shall not pretend to understand
Nor shall I try to reason for the satisfaction of rationalization.
Yesterday I sat in the park and shared an orange
And an afternoon with the divines and myself.


And who am I?
Don't be deceived by my words, my manner, my way,
Or by my friendliness, or by the image of that of a man.
I sleep, eat, talk and play with you and others,
But remember that the gift of inspiration, or perfection,
Is a priceless island of treasure,
Which that whom we call God placed at the end of rainbows.


If I believe I have the strength
To hold back seas, to move mountains,
And the determination to live and love life,
It is because I have felt and seen an image of inspiration
Visible to my unseeing eyes.
Yes, I cried yesterday when I read sorrow
In the heart of my love,
For I am more than human,
And I laughed from my belly
When I saw two camels playing in a sea of yellow.
I am not insensitive, nor have I dulled my senses,
But never shall I become submerged or lost
In the experience of these images,
Of these feelings, of these emotions.


Don't think that as a child
My heart cannot turn as hard as stone,
When the arrow of opposition to what I believe in
Tries to pierce my centre of principle and character.
I have a cause, a meaning, a worth for individuality,
All as a means for living in this life,
For striding steps forward, for achieving a mission.


Shall I fall on bended knees
And wait for someone to bless me
With happiness and a life of golden dreams?
No. I shall run into the desert of life with my arms open,
Sometimes falling, sometimes stumbling,
But always picking myself up, a thousand times if necessary,
Sometimes happy.


Often life will burn me,
Often life will caress me tenderly
And many of my days will be haunted
With complications and obstacles,
And there will be moments so beautiful
That my soul will weep in ecstasy.
I shall be a witness,
But never shall I run or turn from life, from me.


Never shall I forsake myself
Or the timeless lessons I have taught myself,
Nor shall I let the value of divine inspiration and being be lost.
My rainbow-coloured bubble
Will carry me further than beyond the horizon's settings,
Forever to serve, to love, and to live as a sannyasin.