Karma Yoga

Erika Svensson, Sweden

I know that everything is as it should be.
I know that I will always be given what I need,
in a particular moment.
I therefore know that when and if I wish,
it will be possible for me to enter the path
of Karma Yoga.


I do not need any rewards.
Somehow, the ability to do Karma Yoga
is reward enough.
Inevitably, it follows.


I often dream that I am floating,
floating in a river,
sometimes even floating with a stream,
running uphill.
What could be greater?
To do nothing but to smoothly follow
wherever the water leads...
It is understandable
that such a thing
is stronger than gravitation itself!


But don't you have to Do something with your life?
Satisfied only with flowing?


When you float,
all of a sudden,
there may be a stone in front of you.
And you may think
'God! I have to do something!'


You struggle, you want to stop
before you reach the stone.
But – you reach the stone
Perhaps you were lucky
and only hurt your foot.
But surely something happened
also in your mind.


Have you ever seen a leaf
floating in a stream?
Have you ever seen it stop
to try and move the stone away?
No, the leaf is only flowing,
flowing with the stream,
sometimes turned upside down,
sometimes pressed underneath the surface,
sometimes tickled in a current,
always safely returning to the surface.
No matter what
it does nothing but flow.
Enjoying the water
as the water enjoys the leaf.


The more you Do,
and do with Effort,
the harder your life will get.
So why do you Do?


You want to see results.
But a smooth stone, perfectly-shaped,
is only made by flowing water and time.
And so is life.


When you have learnt to flow – you flow.
To flow is to flow.
Full awareness to Samadhi!