On High Waves


He who has neither caste nor country,
who is formless and without quality,
fills all space.
The Creator brought into being the Game of Joy
and from the word Om, Creation sprang.
The earth is His joy; His joy is the sky.
His joy is the splendour of the sun and moon.
His joy is the beginning, the middle, and the end.
His joy is sight, darkness, and light.
Oceans and waves are His joy.
His joy is Saraswati,
Yamuna and the Ganges.
The Guru is One, and life and death,
union and separation, are all His plays of joy;
His play is the land and water, the whole universe!
This play is the earth and the sky.
In play the whole universe is spread out.
In play it is established.
The whole world rests in His play, yet still the Player remains unknown.