Let my life go on as it is

Paramahamsa Satyananda

Let my life go on as it is.
In the direction it yearns to follow.
Keep your knowledge, your philosophy,
Your spirituality, your science,
Your social conduct, your religion.
Let my life flow splendidly as a child's,
Let me fly like the birds,
Let me remain innocent and unknowing.

I don't need your knowledge.
I love to roam in the jungle.
Let me sing with the birds, don't stop me.
Let me laugh in the flaring garden of life.
Let me run among the rustling leaves.
Let me glimpse nature at sunrise,
Let forest leaves, spring water,
Clear air sustain me.

Keep your civilisation, your pride, your reputation;
Let me go wherever I want to,
Far, far away, beyond the horizon
Where earthly rays do not penetrate
Where worldly ways cannot reach.
Don't bind me by your social rules.
Don't influence me with your religions,
Don't drag me down with your conventions.
Leave me alone.
Let me be.