On High Waves

Satyananda Paramahams

The power of Yoga
lies dormant within the human frame.
This wonderful symbol lies confined
within the four wafts of mooladhara.
Oh aspirant!
If you want to witness this Mahashakti
if you want to be flooded by its unending Grace
remain fearless!


Witnessing Yoga shakti does not make you afraid,
it makes you fearless.
Fear of this world
of the seen and the unseen
of acquiring or being
of anger and hostility
of life and death
are the samskaras of fear
are hindrances on the path
of the awakening of Yogashakti.
Fear is a personal feeling.
It is an individual's complex.


Hence, Oh aspirant!
Only if you are fully fearless
can you tread this path
otherwise there is stiff time Go back!
Go back at once!
For one who fears the fly
cannot go past the lion's den.
One who trembles
at the thought of human hypocrisies,
perishable traditions, foolish emotions.
How can such a one stay
in these heavenly, immortal worlds of knowledge?


If stones are thrown at your head
stand steadily.
If the influences of this and the other world
hit you- remain firm?
Live like a lotus in the mud,
Stand like a free avadhoot
like the shirish tree.
If you wish to tread the path, you may
there you wilt get no support from anywhere
except your own soul.
So tell your samskaras - hands up!