Laughter II


There is no moral here but truth
Of how stress draws the veil
Over our eyes
And makes the mind go in the same groove
like a scratched LP.


At a satsang in Indian Oil Corporation,
Amidst a distinguished gathering.


Swami Niranjan answered a question,
Gave advice to another,
Offered a solution to yet another,
Guided the confused mind again.


But the more he answered, the more the
questions were shot at him
All from one individual who was in
a stress management course.


The gentleman brought the discussion
To sins of commission and omission.
"In either case, even God would
not know that I erred", he said.


Full of humour, Swami Niranjan answered
"Before God finds out, Indian Oil would!"
The one-man satsang came to an end
To laughter all around!