The Four Vakyas at Akhara

The vakya or utterances of a guru are precious sutras for a disciple. They guide his life. Their method of teaching is subtle, but sure and certain. Goddess Saraswati is known to reside on the tongue of a yogi. His words are illuminating and thought-provoking. At the Akhara you will find four vakyas at different places. These are the words of Swamiji. The first vakya is at the murti sthan:

"You have bestowed unexpected blessings upon me.
I want nothing more."

The second vakya is at the Mahakal Dhuni in front of which is Swamiji's vyaghra charam asana:

"O, Mrityunjaya!
Today I bring alive the Mahakal Chita Dhuni at your smashan bhoomi.
The first ahuti I offer is my karma from many lives.
The second, my prana.
And the third and final ahuti I will offer is this body
composed of the panchbhutas."

The third vakya is at the Vedi, the place of Panchagni:

"I have borne the five internal fires.
Now I will withstand the five external fires also."

The fourth and last vakya you will find at the gate as you leave. It says:

"Phir nahin aana" (Do not come here again).