High on Waves

Swami Sivananda Saraswati

Will is Atma-Bal; Will is dynamic
Have a strong Will and realise the Atma.
Your Will has become weak through various desires
Destroy them to the very root by Vairag-Tyag.
My Will is powerful; I can blow up mountains
I can stop the ocean waves, command the elements.
I can command Nature; I am one with Cosmic Will.
I can dry up the ocean like Muni Agastya.
My Will is pure and strong, no-one can resist.
I can influence people; I always get success.
I am hale and hearty; I am always joyful
I radiate joy and peace to a million different friends.
I can give Samadhi by simple gazing
I can do Shakti- Sanchar by mere Sankalpa.
I am Yogi of yogins; I am Emperor of emperors.
I am King of all kings, Shah of all shahs.
I can elevate aspirants by simple Master's touch
I can work wanders by the power of Sat-Sankalpa,
I can heal millions from a long distance
This is due to Will, therefore develop Will.
Give up Vasanas and think of Atman
This is the royal way to develop your Will.
Keep a diary; give up cares and worries
Do simple Tapas and develop attention.
Develop patience and have command of temper
Control the indriyas and practise meditation.
Have power of endurance and practise celibacy.
All these will help you to develop your Will.