Best To Obey The Guru's Order

Swami Goraknath Saraswati

Sometimes disciple lose touch, with their guru and think that they can do whatever they like. Then the guru takes the disciple to task in a determined way, because the disciple has followed his own ego instead of obeying the guru's orders.

Once while I was staying in a branch ashram, Swamiji came to visit. At that time he directed that a particular almirah should be shifted to a certain location and left there. After Swamiji had returned to Munger, one day while I was cleaning, it suddenly occurred to me that the almirah would look much better on the other side of the room. So, I shifted it. A few days later we got a letter from Swamiji telling us not to move anything from its proper place.

I just ignored his letter thinking that he would never know that I had moved the almirah. That was my great mistake, because after some time I got a personal letter in my own name. This time Swamiji had written instructing me to leave at once. Then I realized that Swamiji knows everything, whatever we do. Ever since then I have been very careful not to disobey him in any way. Whatever the order is, just follow it, and don't use your own mind. Otherwise, your relationship with the guru will be of no use.