High on Waves

Swami Satyananda Saraswati

just as pollen contains life and beauty
the vibration of beauty is within you
be sure to keep radiating this.
Don't let the pollen become tainted
always be alert
Life is a flower of
truth, auspiciousness, beauty,
inner fragrance;
from these pollen is made.
A wild shock scatters it before time.
It is vibrant with joy
some would destroy it with the flower.
New life is there in the pollen
and from this many lives will flourish
maintain it carefully.
Restraint, respect, politeness;
they are the pollens of life-
altruism, compassion, grace;
from these the new life receives breath.
From the pollen
atmasadhana grows and endures.
Search for God in the society of humans;
understand lepers, the blind, the crippled.
Beloved Niranjan,
you are like pollen
able to make the world beautiful.