Science and Sannyas

Today the world of science is turning its investigations to the practices of yoga. It has been compelled to do so, due to the resurgence of yoga, and the results its practices have produced in the fields of parapsychology, telekinesis, telepathy, clairvoyance, etc. And if the scientists prove capable in discerning the secrets of the mind and consciousness, they would be enabling each and every man to know these secrets.

Therefore, it is important that the tradition of science and the tradition of sannyas be incorporated, so that on the one hand, you are receiving higher knowledge, systematising and decoding it for the availability of man, and at the same time you are developing the high and noble standards of sannyas, in order to maintain the purity of purpose. For a true sannyasin is too far-sighted to be satisfied with a pleasure so transitory and mundane as a conquest of the world and humanity. His aim and goal transcends these fleeting pursuits, for he is true to the self.

Keeping in mind this basic idea, Swamiji has envisaged a project for the future of Ganga Darshan. Ganga Darshan will serve as the nurturing and sustaining ground for sannyasins of high calibre. Here they will have every opportunity, guidance and encouragement to develop their inner potential and to utilise it for the upliftment of mankind. Along with the training of sannyasins, the other new project will be a full fledged research centre, run by sannyasins to further the understanding of yoga. Here both traditions will flourish and spread to all corners of the globe, maintaining the delicate balance between the external and internal growth of man and thereby his environment.