Awake, Every Day is Guru Poornima

Swami Atma Prakash Saraswati

"For the sincere disciple, every day is guru poornima"

Swami Amritananda Saraswati

Why to consider only one day in the year as Guru Poornima when it is possible to transform our daily life into an infinite festival of Guru Poornima. By performing every action, every work, only with the purpose of serving guru, then our mind and heart can be completely open at all times to receive his grace and to experience his presence constantly. Our life will be full of harmony and peace.

This is not just a nice ideal. It is the goal of life and can easily become a reality through the powerful practice of karma yoga or selfless service to the guru. Work, work and clean the doors of your perception.

The first step towards making ourselves ready for losing our limits of personality in His unlimited ocean of light and joy, is to join the ashram life. In the ashram all the inmates do the best they can to serve the guru. This communal purpose creates one intense vibration of purity and meaningfulness. Gradually you lose your cravings; beliefs and wrong ideas change. As you begin to develop your spiritual personality, you will learn to face all situations with peace, courage and understanding. Come, celebrate this festival of life and light at the feet of the guru. Let him take every thought from your mind, every feeling from your heart, and with his divine touch awaken your soul.

Guru Poornima is an auspicious day for taking a new and firm direction in your spiritual life. The blessings of the guru and all the great saints are there ready to help you. It is only necessary to open yourself and you will receive their blessings and grace.

Awake, every day is Guru Poornima.