High on Waves

Kevali (Rodi Biswas), Italy

The people ask,
'What is he like?'
Like nothing.
Like sun and moonshine on the water
Rippled from breezes at dawn and eve,
And deep
To the heart's standstill.

A pure reflection of golden hue
Seen a long time ago
Yet still to be seen,
Known in the heart
And in sleep and dream.

Oh Paramahamsa, my Guru
You are my Ramakrishna,
My shining Kali, Black Shivalingam,
Many towered temple.
The serpent winds
Around your changing form.

You are a great tiger.
You have a whip in your tongue,
Cutting out the lies.
Oh, Master of Surrender
You are my little child,
My most beloved one.