High on Waves

Swami Yogananda Saraswati

When things keep on changing around us
And nothing seems firm or secure,
In a world of temporal values
Is there nothing that remains evermore?

In the midst of the stresses and turmoils,
When the world seems to go quite awry,
That's the time to cling fast to an anchor
And then let the world pass you by.

Throughout life's constant changes,
Remember that you're changing too,
But inside you still have an anchor
To keep you from drifting beyond view.

Although most storms are all in a teacup,
In our minds they become howling gales,
But the mind which creates them can break them;
If you make that your resolve, it can't fail.

So let the storms of the world rage around you,
Learn to ride out the storms of your mind;
And when all is in tumult about you,
You'll be in a safe harbour, you'll find.

That harbour is the anchorage of contentment,
The sure port in all times of storm,
The one certain thing which is constant,
And your anchor to hold you till dawn.

And when the new day breaks and tempests are past,
The turmoils of mind are all gone at last;
As events come and go they won't affect you,
For your steady anchor will hold you right through.