High on Waves

Compiled from Vigyana Bhairava, Swachhanda Tantra and Malini Vijaya Tantra

Devi said, 'Oh Shiva, what is your reality? What is this wonder filled universe? What constitutes seed? Who centres the universal wheel? What is this life beyond form which pervades all form? How may we enter it fully, above space and time, names and descriptions? Let my doubts be cleared!'

Shiva replied, 'Radiant one, this experience may dawn between any two breaths. As breath curves from down to up, and again from up to down, through both these turns, realize. Or, when breath is all out, and stopped of itself, or all in, one's small self vanishes.

'Place your attention in the nerve, delicate as the lotus thread, in the centre of your spinal column. Consider your essence as light rays rising from centre to centre. In this be transformed.

'Bathe in the centre of sound, as in the continuous sound of a waterfall. Or, stopping ears by pressing and rectum by contracting, enter the sound of sound.

'Eyes closed, see your inner being in detail, and thus see your nature. Waking, sleeping, dreaming, know yourself as light. Feel your substance, bones, flesh, blood, saturated with cosmic essence. Feel yourself as pervading all directions. Blessed one, as senses are absorbed in heart, reach the centre of the lotus.

'While being caressed, sweet princess, enter the caressing as everlasting life. When eating or drinking, become the taste of the food or drink, and be filled. Wherever satisfaction is found, in whatever act, actualize this. Gracious one, play. The universe is an empty shell wherein your mind can frolic infinitely.

'Sweet hearted one, meditate on knowing and not knowing, existing and not existing. Then, leave both aside that you may be. Feel the consciousness of each person as your own consciousness. Leaving aside concern for self, become each being.

'Beloved, at this very moment, let mind, knowing, breath, form, be one.'