High on Waves

Mahanirvana Tantra

HRING, O destroyer of time!
SHRING, O terrific one!
HRING, Thou who art beneficent,
Possessor of all the arts,
Thou art Kamala.,
Destroyer of the pride of the Kali Age,
Devourer of Him who devours.
Mother of Time,
Thou art brilliant as the fires
of the final dissolution,
Spouse of Him with matted hair.
0 Thou of formidable countenance,
Ocean of compassion,
Whose mercy is without limit,
Who art attainable, by mercy alone,
Who art fire,
Black of hue,
Thou who increaseth the joy
of the Lord of creation,
Night of darkness,
In the form of desire,
Yet liberator from the bonds of desire.