High on Waves

Swami Satyananda Saraswati

I was never born
Nor shall I die;
We must stand by the real truth
And breathe vairagya through every pore.

All emotions are self-created.
Mental love is air.
Worldly love is skin deep,
Spiritual union is yet very far.

Bliss born of body begets disease.
Bliss born of money creates restlessness.
Bliss born of power and position fattens the a gyana.
Bliss born of attachment causes endless pain.

Only that bliss which is experienced
After all other forms of bliss
Have been fried in the fire of vairagya
Is real and abiding.

We must stand by the real truth
Which this body and mind are not.
About turn,
Change the emotions, ideals, ambitions.

Turn the gaze inward and still the mind.
Become sthira, steady and motionless
As Buddha did, as Shankara did
And as the ever shining Atma is.

Absolute departure, total withdrawal
Rebirth into the spiritual dimension.
Outer life remains the same;
Inner life is totally changed.