High on Waves

Swami Gyanprakash Saraswati

You who reads into the depths of my soul
Here I am at your feet
With hands clasped, fervent and praying.
My faith is bound by gratitude
For all that you have given me
Of your celestial attributes and blessed teaching
That I have found at your feet.
By your light which brightens my days I go on learning my ABC's. My heart, lit with strength and tenderness. Burns with unquenchable thirst and hunger For the light of understanding at your feet.
I have not yet found the way to express
What you are in words;
An ecstatic soul plays a silent chord.
I remain at your feet
Praying for the beauty of your compassion
Which shows that if we take one step towards you,
You will help us to make ten.
Ancestral ties hold my wings pressed. I want to free them And rise to greet the new dawn, Mounting the steps of the symbolic scale. Master, don't leave me, help me to fly.