High on Waves

Swami Omkara - from "A Silent Fast of Thirty Days"

I woke up as usual bathing in his love, feeling strong within and without to merge in and glorify Him, another blessed day.

It is strange there is a sweet taste in my mouth and I wonder whether I am tasting a tiny bit of amrita, the nectar of immortality, which is the common birthright of every individual on the face of the earth. I want to drink it, not with this tongue and finite senses, but with all my soul, completely rising above the plane of the senses.

In these my happy fasting days, which should really be called my feasting days, instead of emptiness, I feel a sense of fullness in my stomach, at times causing belching also, as after a sumptuous repast.

I feel light and buoyant both within and without, and pure like a newborn babe. Often I feel a state of formlessness or an ethereal sense as if devoid of body.

It is an established fact from every point of view, that once a man contacts the universal energy, the cosmic breath, he need no longer consume gross, physical foods. He is nourished with pure prana, the ethereal food, the manna and nectar of God.

I am never tired of repeating that all fasts done with body consciousness are a complete failure, and fasts that are undertaken and kept up assimilating the nectar, the divine energy, are the only true fasts for the emancipation of sacred souls.

So may I too be privileged to continue my fasting, feasting on this heavenly manna and amrita, the nectar of grace, which is ceaselessly showered, and awaiting one and all, as the only real spiritual food and drink given by our heavenly father, the universal God.